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Spitfire MK.IIa

This is a 3D model of the famous Supermarine Spitfire MK.IIa

I made this for static rendering in mind so this is not a game ready model but a high fidelity 3D model that was rended in Maya 2018 with Arnold. I textured this model in Substance Painter with extra touch-up details in Photoshop. This project turned out well with the time I had and I learnt a lot of new modelling and texturing techniques. 


Halo Environment Project

I was challenged to recreate an environment from an old game, in this case I chose the starting level of Halo 1 (2001) as this was a very iconic scene for me. I rebuilt every asset and prop in my imagination and gave the whole scene a new look 

I believe that this turned out really well whilst still managing to capture the original style of Halo. 

This environment was built in Unreal Engine 4, I used; Maya, Photoshop, Substance Designer and Substance Painter to make the models and textures.  



3D Real Time Environment Project   

This is a real time 3D environment project built in Unreal Engine 4 I designed, built, textured and rendered all the assets in this scene. This was a project to practice and develop my 3D skills in the Unreal Engine 4


This apartment was a project to show of design as modern architectural visualisation in the CG industry    



3D Space Ships Concept

3D Sci-Fi space ship concept designs that I made to develop my skills in hard surface 3D modelling. I aimed to make high quality 3D assets that I was able to render in Mental ray to get a CG quality product. 


The Faclon X-2 and the Origin are two different styles of space ships. The Falcon X-2 is a quick and nimble fighter ship, able to take on the biggest of battles with its high power weaponry. The Origin on the other hand is a large scale cargo and oil ship, able to travel across the galaxy delivering supplies and materials. The heavy armour helps protect it against unwanted bandits through out its long journey   


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